Andre Vellino's lecture slides available here [2]. Romelia Plesa's lecture slides available here [8].

(adapted from Ramiro Liscano's BeliefDesireIntentionLecture and the Weiss book. See SoftwareAgentBooks)

motivation: we want to model and design agents that act rationally. A rational agent is one that can come up with a PLAN OF ACTIONS consistent with its BELIEFS in order to achieve the GOALS it has been designed for.

"If I have a goal of staying dry, and I believe it is raining, then it is rational of me to take an umbrella when I leave my house" (Wooldridge in "Reasoning about Rational Agents")

Note that for the agent to behave rationally, it does not matter whether it is indeed raining or not.

See also Dennett's intentional stance and the Mc Carthy quote in AgentDefinition.

3 components to BeliefDesireIntention:

mental constructs: Practical reasoning vs theoretical reasoning

properties: formal background: Epistemic logic, based on ModalLogic.

implementation: BdiArchitecture



Stanford's encyclopedia of philosophy: [3]

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