topic: this assignment will evaluate your understanding of how to design agents in various types of environments.

due date: beginning of class on Monday June 6th.

problem #1: AgentPlanning: We want to use a planning algorithm using STRIPS operators, based on the notations and example described in [2] and [3], to determine a course of action for a soccer-playing agent. Here we won't worry about the planning algorithm itself, but about setting up the description of the world and of the operators available to the agent.

2 pages max!

problem #2: First Order Logic Read about Situation Calculus (for example in 10.4.2 of R&N) and use it to model the actions of a soccer-playing agent, and the effects those actions have on the environment in a few logical sentences. Try to make this agent as similar as possible to the one you came up with in problem#1.

1/2 a page max!

problem #3: agent in an uncertain environment: now suppose that the soccer-playing agent has to choose between 2 or more actions, where the outcome of the actions on certain factors (those that determine the welfare of the agent) is uncertain.

  1. Come up with a simple yet realistic (in terms of dependencies and probability figures) Decision Network (see R & N 16.5) describing probabilistic dependencies amongst various factors as well as between actions and those factors relevant to the "well-being" of the agent.
  2. Using the utilities attached to those "well-being" factors, show how the introduction of evidence about the environment can change the choice of the action that the agent will make.

1 page max!

The assignment should be typed. Only hard copy submissions are accepted. Failure to follow any requirement will lead to loss of marks.

This exercise counts for 1/3 of the assignment portion (50%) of the overall grade.

Of course, all the problems are to be completed on your own!

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