context: see the RoboCup official Web site [3]

due date: deliverables (one zip file) sent to babak at sce dot carleton dot ca by email Friday June 10th. Be prepared to talk about your project on the last day of class (Monday June 13th).

project: this counts for the remaining 50% of your final mark! Program a soccer team according to the RoboCup simulation league rules (see refs below).

deliverables: for each team evaluation: the following criteria will be judged in decreasing order of importance:

Note that knowledge representation must be SEPARATE from the reasoning engine, for example if you are using a state machine approach, your state machine should be stored in some file which can be edited manually (no java!) and that is loaded at start-up.

Simple representations such as decision trees are not acceptable, unless they are generated by a machine learning algorithm. If you are using machine learning, your sample data should be provided and the learned tasks and concepts should also be stored in a separate file that is loaded at startup.

The reason for these restrictions is to make sure that you use the concepts learned in class!

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