Assignment #3: paper presentation

The goal of this assignment is for you to select one of the articles listed below, read it, and give a 10 minute slide presentation (+ 5-10 minutes for questions) that summarizes your reading and demonstrates your understanding by going over a DETAILED EXAMPLE. You might need to do some extra research to find out more about the context of the paper. You are also welcome to give your opinion on the paper as a conclusion.

Again, let's emphasize that you are not asked to give an overview or a summary of the paper (as these are usually worthless to the audience), but to go over a DETAILED EXAMPLE. So choose your paper based on whether you think you can come up with an interesting example and apply the techniques presented in the paper to that example.

As an additional constraint, the use of text and bullets is only allowed for the introduction, motivation and conclusion of the presentation. For everything else only graphs, diagrams and/or formulas are acceptable.

You can first take a look at the articles that seem interesting to you before you make your decision. But once you enter your name in the text area next to the paper you want and click "Book article", there's no going back! The paper will be assigned to you and you only.

The presentations are scheduled for Tuesday June 13th.

Using Bayesian Networks to Model Agent Relationships Booked by: Nelson Umunna
Decentralized Monitoring of Distributed Anytime Algorithms 
Modeling Social Preferences in Multi-player Games 
Agent Programming with Priorities and Deadlines 
Restructuring Decisions to Improve Agent Search 
A Qualitative Reputation System for Multiagent Systems 
Incentive Design for Adaptive Agents 
Commitments with Regulations: Reasoning about Safety and Control 
Trust Management Through Reputation Mechanisms 
Emergent Properties of a Market-based Digital Library... Booked by: Haiyang Bu

Edited by BabakEsfandiari
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